Sun Ho moved her base of life to Indonesia in 1992 and residing there ever since.

With her husband Sam Young Jung, she has three children, Da Bin (Son-in-law Byung Hoon Jang), Jib Myoung and Ju Eun. She has three grandsons, Jun Woo Jang, Sun Woo Jang, and Chan Woo Jang.

Sun Ho is the president of the Be-er Association under the Korea Flower Design Association.

Artist Statement

Among the beautiful things in the world, I love flowers most.

My life with flowers started when I came across a flower arrangement about

twenty years ago. Since then, I became a florist, and I've got to love them more.

Arranging flowers bring me so much joy.

Beautiful flowers bring me nothing but a smile.

Now I paint them out of my love towards them.

I want your heart to be, filled with warmth and joy through my paintings.

Welcome to my gallery.